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Bruce Phillips –

Bruce has been involved in the art of sand sculpting for over 20 years (well over . . . but don’t tell him we said that). He is known throughout the world, from Tokyo to Amsterdam. He creates amazing works of art at festivals and competitions, and does corporate and private events as well. In addition to sand, Bruce has fabricated sculptures from small to very large scale in a wide variety of other media

He says he has enjoyed watching sand sculpture evolve into a major performing arts attraction. And performance is what he’s all about. Because some of the other media that he’s involved in are steel, iron and aluminum, fiberglass, glass, rubber , gasoline and oil . . . have you guessed . . . rolling works of art that some people call hotrods and custom cars.

In the world of sand, Bruce has won the 3-member division of the U.S. Open Sandcastle Competition 7 times, and holds no less than 5 world records. Oh, and he won the People’s Choice award for Best Masters Sculpture of 2013 right here at the U.S. Sand Sculpting Challenge. ‘Nuf said?

San Diego Union Tribune

Beach sand, like what’s used at the annual Imperial Beach mega sandcastle competition, is rounded and only holds when wet, explained Bruce Phillips, of Carlsbad, an event organizer and himself a sand sculptor.

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Along with being this year’s event organizer, Phillips is also a full-time sculptor. He won’t be competing this year, but in year’s past he’s won numerous awards and holds five world records. He also won the U.S. Sand Sculpting Challenge People’s Choice award for Best Masters Sculpture in 2013.

From NBC San Diego

“The U.S. Sand Sculpting Challenge is an invitational event,” said Bruce Phillips, director of Sand Operations for U.S. Sand Sculpting Challenge. “I kid people and say I’m in charge of nothing but responsible for everything. I invite all the sculptors, order all the sand, all the heavy equipment — all the way down to the basic hand tools. Then, while the event is going on, I put out fires as they come up. Lastly, I undo all that was brought in so the event site is left as we arrived — clean.”

The competition brings world master class sand sculptors from around the world to San Diego to build and carve sand sculptures as the event unfolds.

“You get to see 10-foot-tall vertical images created in front of your eyes,” said Bruce Phillips, director of sand for the event, and a 25-year veteran sand sculpting artist. “There’s so much to see; it’s amazement, all the time. You’re stunned by what can be created out of sand.”

For artists like Bruce Phillips, sand sculpting is a job.

“It’s something you can just totally focus on and tune everything else out in the world. And I just quit my job and just did sand sculpture full time,” he said.

Like other professionals, Phillips is paid to display his art at promotional events around the world.