Sandsculpter, Bruce Phillips

Sandsculpter, Bruce Phillips in front of sandsculpture.

If you haven’t met sandsculpter, Bruce Phillips, it is definitely time to meet this artist.  He has been involved in the art of sand sculpting for over 25 years. He is known throughout the world, from Tokyo to Amsterdam. As a professional sandsculpter, he creates amazing works of art, at festivals and competitions, and does corporate and private events as well.  In addition to sand, Bruce has fabricated sculptures from small to very large scale in a wide variety of other media.

Bruce first started in the sand sculpting business over 25 years ago by shoveling sand for one of the grandfather’s of sand sculpting, Gerry Kirk, founder of the World Sand Sculpting Academy. After awhile of shoveling and watching the process, I started to do some simple architectural sculpting and then progressed to more elaborate sculpting.

Bruce also works with other mediums as well, Poly Foam or Styro Foam, specifically for many years.  Artists will bring a model of their idea then ask him to enlarge the model from inches to many feet tall and wide. Then the Foam is coated in epoxy for strength and can be painted or have further detail added.

Bruce is an artist at heart and a San Diego native, he loves all things beach and sand!


A quick rundown of Bruce’s accomplishments:
• 1st place at American Sandsculpting Championship 2014, Fort Myers, Florida
• 3rd place doubles American Sandsculpting Championship 2016, Fort Myers, Florida
• 1st place, 7 times in 3-member division of the U.S. Open Sandcastle Competition
• Participated in 5 world record sand projects.
• People’s Choice Award for Best Masters Sculpture of 2013 – U.S. Sand Sculpting Challenge, San Diego, CA
• Eight years working for YMCA youth summer camp destination
• Multiple European contests.
• To date, he has created sand sculptures in 13 countries and counting


You can bring Bruce to your event, by contacting him here or by telephone at 760-685-0068